Educator, Researcher, ScholarHow do we effect change and transformation for the highest good of all? 

Houman Z. Emami, a native of Iran (ancient Persia), has a bright academic career in Philosophy and Religion, Holism and Consciousness, with earlier careers in Computer Science, Telecommunications, and a number of educational-institute startups. He has completed undergraduate studies in the above fields, within and without standard academic training, while having completed his masters thesis  and considering a PhD research dissertation on the same subject: "The Heart Faculty, Intuition, and Theophanies: Philosophers who get out of their heads for love's sake." 

Before reaching his eleventh year, Houman had lived through the Iranian revolution of 1979, the Iran and Iraq war of 1981, and the inner-city bombings and atrocities of war. "And that was just the beginning," he tells us. Miraculous events began as a direct result of these earlier years of awakening and grew in proportion to his yearning. In this way, from the age of five he was confronted with the dark side of war, the lesser known tragic and miraculous side of war, and resolving these aspects of self in finding peace within. After several relocations and maturing in both eastern and western cultures before his thirtieth year, Houman had taken part in a relatively successful lifestyle, returned to academia and various spiritual practices thrice, finally taking an early retirement in his late twenties, leaving all behind and spending a decade as an independent world-traveler, contemporary monk and spiritual pilgrim. These later awakenings in solitude and on the pilgrim's walk, integrated those of his early childhood. 

At last, returning to the worldly life in his late thirties, he continues to impact the world he left behind. Loved ones and relations lovingly refer to him as writer or educator, researcher- traveller, and scholar.


This site is an academic introduction to some of Houman's work, thesis, and a number of papers, some of which were showcased at San Francisco State University. You may enter below for a brief viewing  or complete manuscripts of some of his researches and papers by clicking "ENTER" below. 

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